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Tips for an environmentally friendly home this 2017

You must have listed several goals for the year 2017. It may also include revamping your home and making it environmentally friendly. But do you have any idea on how to make this happen?

Add eco-friendly materials to your stone driveways

Sure! Stone driveways are elegant, but you should include a low maintenance drought and wind tolerant plant add more oxygen to the air and keep your home cooler. You can also include some sustainable hardscape materials like composite woods and turf stabilisers.

Fact: Stone is a large conductor of heat. Adding more to your house will greatly increase heat, so it’s healthier to add more plants to your home.

Choose Industrial Materials

Are you worried about water seeping into your driveway and into your yard? Eco-friendly materials can be used like railroad ties and concrete objects to block the water.

LED Lighting as an option

Electricity in Perth is increasing, and you’ll be wanting to save as much energy as you can. You can light up your lawn instead of traditional lighting. This is a more economical way of lighting your pools, fountains and landscapes.

It is extremely efficient and consumes less than 90% of power than incandescent bulbs. Further, it has greater longevity compared to other lighting fixtures.

Consider Artificial Grass

Aside from the price of electricity, the price of water is also incredibly high in Perth. Thus choosing artificial grass over real grass could be a better alternative. It will save you from having to mow, but it will also make your lawn greener.

Moreover, you don’t have to think about artificial grass which can harm other living organisms. Click here to learn more about the many benefits synthetic grass can bring to your lawn.

Think about recycling

Rather than throw grass clippings behind, you can recycle them. If you intend into sticking with real grass, at least you can use these grass clippings as a natural fertiliser. You can also use some household waste, but avoid using meat or bones.
You’ll find it to be more useful.

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