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Child-friendly artificial grass brings hope to Derry

How many children do you know who are suffering from grass allergy? Not that many right?

But what should you do if you suddenly discover that it’s not a stranger that suffers from it, but your child? Thus he can’t play like the other kids in the garden?

It sounds absurd?

This is could actually be one of the very first time you ever heard of that – grass allergy. But that’s exactly, what the toddler Derry, Andrew Melarkey, is suffering from. He gets very ill whenever he gets exposed to grass.

Grass Allergy Facts

So how do you know if you are allergic to grass?


Are you suffering from grass allergy?

Purr!!! Are you suffering from grass allergy, too?


If you start to experience a runny or stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and a cough, after playing on the grass or getting near it, then you may need to see your doctor. Often, these types of grass are most common culprits:

> Bermuda

> Johnson

> Kentucky

> Orchard

> Redtop

> Rye

> Sweet vernal

> Timothy


It gets more contagious if you fail to mow your lawn regularly. This is only because most types of grass release pollen only when they grow tall.

Watch this video to learn more about grass allergies:

 Finding the solution to Derry’s grass allergy


Finding a solution to Derry’s grass allergy wasn’t a very big problem for her mom, Orla. She did her best to ensure her son will enjoy his childhood, that includes playing on the grass, even if it meant artificial grass.

Fortunately, Kevin Campbell, their local councilor, approved of her request to lay synthetic grass on their home at Magowan Park.

Choosing the perfect school for Derry

Are you curious where Derry is studying now? How is he able to cope with outdoor activities?

Well, that is easily solved by her mom. She enrolled Derry to a school with artificial turf. This allows him to still enjoy play time with fellow toddlers without needing to worry about his allergies.
Pls. read the full story here.

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