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How to find the cheap artificial grass in Perth?

  • Do you wish to replace your traditional lawn with synthetic grass but can’t afford it?
  • Are you in search of a way on how to find the cheap artificial grass in the market?
  • Have you finally decided to own an artificial lawn but want to know the best deal?

cheap artificial grass


In the United States alone, the synthetic grass industry is seeing a 10 to 15% growth each year. This is due to rapid global warming experienced around the globe. How about in Australia, do we see a similar trend arising?


Weather condition in Australia and the demand for cheap artificial grass

We see a similar trend in Australia, especially in Perth where summer has always been hot. This video on Australia Day reveals how hot the weather can be in Perth:

However, Australia has such a crazy weather as reported by ABC News:

“If you look at the east of Australia, particularly New South Wales and Queensland, the records that have really been tumbling there are high temperatures, heatwave type records,”

“Over in the west in Perth and up in the Kimberley in the north-west, they’ve been setting extreme rainfall records, so we’ve seen extremes of all types across the continent in the past three months.”

If you are not yet convinced, then this video will most definitely convince you.


This is what’s happening over in Australia and the rest of the world is most likely experiencing the same. No wonder many Australians, especially those living in Perth would want to have an affordable solution to their lawn problem – synthetic grass.

Tips for finding the cheap artificial grass in Perth

Now that you are convinced of the fact that artificial grass is one of the wisest decision to make, here is some cheap artificial grass in Perth.

Recycled grass 

The recycled artificial grass is considered one of the cheapest types of artificial grass to buy in the market today. But are you willing to use someone else’s artificial lawn? Will you be comfortable in knowing that your kids and dogs will play on it without knowing what used to be placed on top of it?

If this is something you want to gamble with, then you can query it online. You’ll find many affordable recycled artificial grass lawns to suit your need.

Overstock artificial grass

Some big warehouses have to overstock artificial grass. This normally goes on sale once or twice a year. Watching out for these types of sale will give you great value for your money. You’ll find this in different styles, qualities and prices.

However, you may need to do it yourself (DIY). There is no problem with that if you know a few carpentry tricks, but if not then is best to ask a professional artificial lawn installer to do it for you. Click here to learn more about our How To Guide

Look for promo deals

Last month, Eco Synthetic Grass just had a price cut on some of their grasses. The promo went as low as $15m2. That is a great value for someone looking for high-quality artificial grass for their homes and offices.

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It is understandable how many families would want the best value for their money. However, it is always better to consider the quality of the product you are buying before making any decision.

Here at Eco Synthetic Grass, we guarantee that our grass is made from high-quality materials. Choose from the various products we offer.


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