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Artificial grass care – tips on how to maintain synthetic grass

Myth: Artificial grass care requires no maintenance.
Fact: Artificial grass care requires very minimal maintenance.

What does this mean? If you wanna keep the quality of your grass then you need to maintain it. But not in the same manner you will maintain your natural lawn. With artificial grass, there is absolutely no mowing and no fertilising required.  However, it will require the following simple maintenance tips:

1. Get rid of leaves and debris using either a stiff brush, plastic rake or if you have the money, a petrol leaf blower.

2. Occasional weeding, which means a maximum of two times in a year is necessary. This is simply to ensure no weeds will start to grow and destroy your perfectly beautiful lawn.

artificial grass care tips - occasional weeding

But I thought no weeds will grow on my artificial grass?

Well, that’s not always the case, especially if there is still soil on your lawn. The only way to ensure no weed will grow on your artificial grass is if it is laid out in concrete. Thus it is important to put a weed barrier during installation. This limits the potential growth of weed on your artificial lawn.

3. Hosing down your artificial grass using a light detergent would be most helpful, especially if you have dogs around the house. This will keep your lawn smelling good.


4. Don’t push cigarette rubbish or charcoal anywhere near your lawn. This is for a very obvious reason – the lawn will burn. We are still talking about plastic here. So it is always best to remain cautious.


artificial grass care tips - no smoking


5. Get rid of stains as quickly as possible. This may be coffee, tea. fruit juice, urine, dyes, cola or even blood. Remove it with a solution.

How about vacuuming? Is it safe to vacuum artificial lawn? That is another interesting topic we will soon be discussing. So keep in touch and regularly visit us.


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