Zeolite artificial grass infill for urine smell

Gets rid of dog urine smell naturally

Zeolite artificial grass infill: Your urine smell solution


Are you annoyed with artificial grass urine smell?


You are not alone. There many other synthetic grass owners who are having the same problem. Little do they know that the solution can easily be found with their choice of infill – zeolite artificial grass infill





What is zeolite?


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. It is mined for its health properties. You may have seen it in many YouTube videos as it delivers various benefits to both dogs and humans. This video of Rosemary shares some of this.



How can zeolite artificial grass infill solve your urine smell problem?


Zeolite is naturally occurring. This makes it the perfect infill for artificial grass. It has odour reducing capabilities which help get rid of that foul smelling dog smell on your lawn.


How does it work?


Zeolite attracts substances such as ammonia and breaks them down naturally. It has a negatively-charged honey-combed molecular structure that absorbs liquid like a magnet. It also prevents ammonia from forming into a gas, thus getting rid of that foul smell.


What does this mean?


This means once the zeolite is installed into the lawn and watered in, it will start to do its chemical reaction. It will automatically neutralise the ammonia smells from your pets. Thus keeping your artificial grass smelling fresh.


Why zeolite as your artificial grass infill?

You’ll find other popular artificial grass infill in the market, but why should you choose zeolite? These are just some of the advantages it will bring to your artificial lawn:


1. It is certified organic and will not pose any threat to the environment, your family and your dog.

2. It has detoxifying properties that can aid to better health.

3. It absorbs liquids and pulls any gases towards itself. This keeps your lawn clean and smelling fresh.


Other artificial grass infill may be cheaper, but how sure are you that they are pet, child and environmentally friendly?


That is something you should think about.

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