Eco Summer Fake Grass (25mm)


About Eco Summer Fake Grass (25mm)

Eco summer fake grass 25mm is our entry level grass. This grass is constructed from the highest grade  materials, stitched into a three ply SPR latex backing.

Realistic Four Tone Olive Colours| Eco Summer Fake Grass (25mm)

The grass yarn of the Eco Summer Fake Grass 25mm product is coloured with realistic four tone olive colours. It is complimented with two-tone brown twisted yarn on the base of the pile. As a result, your grass has both extra volume as well as that more natural look.

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Bringing Great Looking Lawns | Eco Summer Fake Grass (25mm)

The Eco Summer Fake Grass (25mm) when installed correctly and given the right maintenance, will give you at least a decade of great looking lawn. See this transformed image below.


25mm Eco Summer Fake Grass in Perth


Transform your lawn. Buy artificial grass, today.

You can also transform your lawn from boring to luxurious. Buy fake grass online for as low as $15m2. Buy 30m2 or more to get an additional 10% off.  See the big difference fake grass did to this backyard:


Artificial grass cost installation - lawn transformation


Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can also have the same lawn? Worried about the cost?

Worried about the cost?

Many who have invested in synthetic lawns have proven it to be a good investment. How?

Rather than spending on yearly water costs, fertilisers, pesticides, mowing services, weed removal and other maintenance costs; they can easily relax and just enjoy their beautiful garden. It’s the same wherever we go. So what are your waiting for?


Need help with fake grass installation?

Wondering how to lay these artificial grass? We can do it for you. Our artificial grass installation costs start at $60m2 depending on ground condition.

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