Silica Sand Perth

Silica sand Perth for your artificial grass infill

Why choose crumb rubber infill if you have the option to go natural with silica sand Perth?

This is the question posed to many artificial lawn owners, especially after carcinogenic issues have been linked to rubber infill.

Although there is no proven fact associating chrome rubber infill, is this something you should risk your family with?
Here at Eco Synthetic Grass, we do our best to ensure all the products we sell are absolutely safe and eco-friendly. Thus the reason we had it certified by CSIRO.






Benefits of Silica sand Perth to your synthetic turf


We all love our artificial lawns to be perfect – no ridges and mounds. Thus the reason for many landscapers and homeowners to use infill materials.
Why? Because it acts as a stable base sufficient to hold artificial grass in place. This helps retain its springy feel.


 Top 10 Benefits of Silica Sand Perth


  • Reduces heat on your artificial lawn
  • Give your grass that  look, without the ripples and mounds
  • Provides additional support for turf blades against tears and cuts
  • Does not  mesh together
  • Promotes better drainage as it resists compaction and fracturing
  • Delivers the needed fire resistance for your grass blades
  • Recyclable for multiple life-cycles
  • Superior resistance to moisture absorption
  • Cleaner and easier to maintain
  • Absolutely natural


Silica Sand Perth to reduce the summer heat


Summer heat could really, really, really be HOT, especially here in Perth! Continue to enjoy summer even whilst at the comfort of your home with silica sand Perth as your artificial grass infill.


Silica Sand Perth suppliers for professionals and homeowners
Silica sand ensures that your grass will remain cooler. It even protects your lawn from the harmful rays of the sun.
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