Eco Elite Artificial Grass Perth (30mm)

Your choice of elite artificial grass Perth for homes and offices.

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About Eco Elite Artificial Grass Perth


Eco Elite Artificial Grass Perth has been specifically designed for the hot summer season commonly experienced in the region.


choose artificial grass Perth for this hot weather 2017

Image source: Sky News Weather

Goodbye to Summer Perth Lawn Worries

Yes! Eco Synthetic Grass has heard your pleas. Here is our an answer – a realistic looking summer grass you can lay in your backyard, gym, deck, balcony, front yard on your own.


No need to worry about rising water prices

No need to fight over who will mow the lawn this weekend

No more brown patches and weeds that destroy the beauty of your lawn


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Yes! You can do it on your own. Just follow these simple tips and you are more than welcome to lay your own artificial lawn on your own.

artificial grass installation guide


But in case, you need professional assistance. We are more than happy to lay it for you. Our installation costs start at $60m2 depending on your ground condition.

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Applications of Elite Artificial Grass Perth

Elite artificial grass is perfect for the following applications:

  • Garden
  • Poolside
  • Courtyard
  • Backyard
  • Decking




Advantages of Eco Elite Artificial Grass


Eco Synthetic Grass delivers only high-quality premium and realistic looking artificial lawns in Perth. Our grass is proud of the following features:


Unique construction design


This grass is constructed on a PU backing using two high-grade PP yarns, a V yarn as well as a twist yarn. The combination of the two yarns gives the grass a more realistic look; whilst, the construction shows no apparent pile direction. This ensures that the grass looks the same from all directions.


Four separate fibres


We’ve also had four separate fibres dyed to match real grass as closely as possible. This gives this grass that extra realistic look.


With brown PP twist fibre

If that wasn’t enough we’ve also incorporated a brown PP twist fibre to the nap as with all our other summer grasses.


30mm Eco Elite Artificial Grass Perth


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