Artificial Buffalo Grass (38mm)

Best for courtyards, poolside and gardens

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Artificial Buffalo Grass (38mm)

Eco Synthetic Grass’ artificial buffalo grass  is a heavy weight product designed to replicate the look of real buffalo style grasses. The colour of this grass is a slightly darker green as natural Buffalo grasses tend to be darker in colour than narrow blade grasses.

Features of the artificial buffalo grass (38mm)

> Constructed on our PU backing

> Wide blade PP yarn with three tone colours

> Brown twist fibre in the nap







Artificial Buffalo Grass (38mm) in Perth


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Artificial buffalo grass vs real grass

Whilst buffalo grass is drought tolerance and very low maintenance, it fails to remain its green blades all year long. Sadly, when that happens; it leaves brown patches of grass in your garden. This makes your lawn ugly.


With Eco Synthetic Artificial Buffalo Grass, you can have that dark green lawn you want all year long –

without the need to water and fertilise it. You can even say goodbye to your lawn mower.


Pet friendly artificial buffalo grass

Wondering if your pets can safely play on it? They sure can. Our grass has been certified by CSIRO ensuring it is safe to play with even by your children.


Fast and easy installation


Installation is simple and easy. You can even do it yourself. So what are you waiting for? Order 30m2 or more and get your grass 10% off.


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