These is a list of artificial grass FAQ for your convenience. If your question is not listed below, we are more than happy to answer it for you. Call us at 08 9407 7864.


Artificial grass FAQ: What holds your synthetic grass down?

Your fake grass is secured by a 5mm layer of silica sand. This is brushed over the top of the synthetic grass after it is cut and laid.

This may not sound like much weight, but it is actually quite heavy in total if you measure it across the entire grass. Adding sand to your lawn also allows organisms to live in it as they do in real grass. This helps break down spillages and pet mess.

How about pegging or other types of fixation?

These are unnecessary in all applications because they work themselves loose during the natural settling process of the 50mm layer of aggregate or ‘crusher dust’ beneath the grass. But if you will ask us, we do recommend the pegging along the joins.

Artificial grass FAQ: Can it be cut to shapes like garden edges and swimming pools?


Of course! We can install around pools, edges of water features, curved garden edges and more. Click here to see how our artificial grass is used for pool sides.


Artificial grass FAQ - poolside

Eco Synthetic Grass installs artificial grass for poolside. Call 08 9407 7864.

Artificial grass FAQ: Can I lay the lawn myself?

Yes, we sell the Eco Synthetic grass range and the other required products to DIY customers. Click here to know how to lay artificial lawn on your own.

Watch this video below to be inspired of laying down your artificial grass on your own.


Artificial grass FAQ: Does your synthetic grass come with a warranty?

Yes, eco synthetic grass comes with a 10-year warranty. Please call or email us for further warranty information. Learn more about us.


Artificial grass FAQ: Is Eco Synthetic Grass a pet-friendly surface?

Yes. It’s almost impossible for pets to dig and destroy it.  It’s resistant to dog droppings, and it’s easy to wash and disinfect.


Are you having problems with urine pet smell? We also have a product called Zeolite which neutralises the ammonia.

Artificial grass FAQ: How do I get rid of pet odour from my synthetic grass?

We have available for purchase our ZEOLITE spreadable sand which will neutralise the ammonia to eliminate the odour. Learn more.


Artificial grass FAQ: Will sunlight damage the lawn or fade its colour over time?

Our eco synthetic grass contains ingredients called UV stabilisers. This protects its shape and colour form the long-term effects of sunlight, specifically ultraviolet rays.


Artificial grass FAQ: Will I get weeds and can I spray with weed kill?

Weeds may grow along the border of your Eco Synthetic Grass. However,  this is extremely rare for them to germinate in the top of the grass but may happen. Environments and circumstances may vary area to area. A weed kill solution may be used.


Artificial grass FAQ: What about pool chemicals? Will it hurt my synthetic lawn?

We’ve had no reports of discolouration or damage to our Eco Synthetic grass products. We had several installations at the edges of all pools treated with all types of saltwater, chlorine, and alternative water treatments. All remains in perfect condition up to the present.

Artificial grass FAQ: How wide is each roll of synthetic grass?

Each roll of Eco Synthetic grass is 3.85 metres wide.


Wholesale artificial grass Perth for your lawns


Artificial grass FAQ: Can I lay my synthetic grass on sand, pavers or concrete?

It has been done in ‘supply only’ instances. We recommend the product to be installed on a 50mm layer of crusher dust (crushed rock) for drainage. It also helps to retain its shape during the inevitable movement and settling of the combined ground surface.

Artificial grass FAQ: Can I park my car on top of the synthetic grass?

Yes, and we strongly recommend a 100mm of crusher dust be laid to retain its shape in the area where a vehicle is parked.


Artificial grass FAQ: Can someone remove and walk away with my Eco Synthetic Grass if I have it in my front garden or on my edge?

Extremely unlikely! Eco synthetic grass is extremely heavy especially when it has been laid with the silica sand infill.

Artificial grass FAQ: Does Eco Synthetic Grass emit toxic vapour when it heats up?

No, our grass has been CSIRO tested.

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