Fake grass gardens

Pet-friendly and child-friendly

Fake Grass Garden: Are you ready?


These are the words of Judith Wood about her fake grass garden,

“…here, lounging around on my synthetic sward, I have finally fallen head over heels for my garden. I love it. My children love it. My husband loves it. The dog may or may not love it, but she’s still happy to wee on it. When everyone’s tucked up in bed at night, I creep down, turn on the kitchen light and admire it. In the mornings, waiting for the kettle to boil, I smile at it. Sometimes I even Hoover it.”


Fake grass garden of Judith Wood

Photocredits: Judith Woods


Should you do the same?


Benefits of Fake Grass Garden


Owners of fake grass gardens are proud of the aesthetic quality this has added to their home. But aside from this, here are additional reasons why you should consider having an artificial lawn for your family, too.


Increased use of fake grass garden


Now that everyone in the family loves your evergreen lawn, it is but natural to expect more time spent here. It may either be for a dinner with friends, playtime with the kids, book reading in the afternoon, or a yoga session to keep you fit. You can do a variety of activities now without having to worry about maintenance. Best of all, you can always enjoy it anytime of the year.


Biodiverse just like traditional grass


If you’re worried that you’re doing harm to the environment when you use artificial grass gardens, then you shouldn’t.

Synthetic grass is made from recyclable materials such as:


â–º  Nylon

â–º  Polypropylene

â–º  Rubber tires


Any discarded nylon is recycled.


Combining fake grass garden with real plants


For those thinking how they can still aid the ecosystem can easily add pots of plants and flowers in their garden. This will aid in adding the natural touch to it. Moreover, it can attract birds and bees into your garden too, whilst adding the release of coveted oxygen into the air.

Some plants you can include in your artificial grass garden includes:


â–º Fiddle leaf fig

â–º  Zee Zee plant

â–º  Madagascar Dragon Tee

â–º  Saint George’s Sword



The cost of fake grass gardens


Now let’s talk about the cost of artificial grass. Is it expensive? Quite a bit, if you mean upfront price. However, long term benefits it delivers proves to be the more cost effective solution.

Eco Synthetic Grass sells artificial grass gardens for as low as $19m2. Need help with installation? We can also do it for you for as low as $60m2. Get your quote today.

Wanna do the installation yourself? It is very much possible. Read our do it your self-installation guide here.





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