Artificial lawn pool areas – a lush retreat for the entire family

Artificial lawn for pool areas is a great way to add a dash of green to your home.  It is a lush retreat for the entire family during the hot summer season. This includes your pets.


Pet friendly artificial lawn for pool areas

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Artificial lawn pool areas add value to homes

Your swimming pool should be more than just a hole in the ground. For one, it is constructed to give fun and enjoyment to your family and friends. So why make it dull by covering your ground with concrete?

Make it the envy of everyone with the use of artificial lawn for pool areas. We have a variety of products for your to choose from. Click the image below to learn more about our synthetic grass.


Artificial lawn pool areas


It should serve as an oasis, a lush retreat for relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, many backyard pools are a tough environment for plants for a variety of reasons. Here are some things to consider when choosing plants for your pool area.


Why choose artificial lawn pool areas?

Artificial lawn for pool areas is the preferred ground covering of many homeowners primarily due to the following reasons:


– No mowing

– No trimming

– No watering

– No fertilising

– No pesticides


True! Up front cost may be more expensive but the long time benefits it delivers is more cost effective.


Artificial lawn for pool areas provides solution to your poolside problems

Below are the common problems associated with real grass:

Large patches of brown grass in summer


–Green circular patches that die off

– Dotted with small orange pustules on blades

–Dotted with bleached or gray spots

–Brown spots or weblike threads

–Get’s over run with weeds

– Bare patches


With artificial lawn for pool areas, all of these problems are solved. Simply because artificial grass is:


–Vulnerable to chlorine contamination and discoloration

–No more worries about grass clipping getting blown into the pool

–Absolutely NO maintenance


You may need to trim it once, that is during installation. But soon after, you can simply enjoy the green cover it gives your pool areas. Watch this video and see how artificial grass made this man’s dream a reality.



Frequently asked questions about artificial lawn pool areas

We understand that you’re curious about so many things concerning artificial lawn for pool areas. Thus we are here to help. Call us up at 08 9407 7864.

Is artificial grass for pool areas slippery when wet?

It may be, but so are real grass. Now, comparing it with concrete, I’d rather fall on artificial grass rather than concrete.  🙂

Is artificial grass for pool areas harmful to my dogs?

Our grass has been certified by CSIRO. This ensures that the artificial grass we deliver is safe for children and pets. Get your quote, today.


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