Childcare Centres

Choosing artificial grass child care centres is simply perfect. For one, you don’t need to worry about worn out bark chippings, on which the children can play.

How about the safety of these grass?

These artificial grass are very safe for children to play on and are also very easy to maintain. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about having to mow, water, weed or fertilise it. What’s even more perfect is you can place it indoors.


Kid-friendly features of artificial grass child care centres


Eco-synthetic grass understands your need for kid-friendly artificial grass, especially for child care centres. Thus we ensure the grass we install or you buy from us are:

  • Approved by Australian CSIRO
  • Realistic four tone olive colours
  • Latest PU Backing

Get your’s today. Choose from the various products we have on sale.

Now even kids with grass allergies can play


Now even kids with grass allergies can enjoy having fun with their friends.

How about fall injuries?

Knowing that it will be kids who will be playing on this artificial grass, you can rest assured that it will protect your kids from accidents. It is most definitely softer than barks, tiles and pebbles, which makes it heaps safer.

You may read how artificial grass has helped Derry, to a child suffering from grass allergy, still enjoy their lawn.

Fake grass is still better than no grass

Although Perth is called parkland oasis, it is still best to have more grass available for your kids, right?

Let’s just watch this video and see how kids enjoy their grass.


Now that you have so many reasons to include artificial grass child care centres, it is time to send us a message.

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